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Each and every member of our team represents the spirit of our company. Committed, driven and keenly aware of the limitless potential of Tradebits' vision and mission.


Waseem Sadiq

Co-Founder & CEO

Waseem is a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in technical leadership. Previously Waseem co-founded Inbox2 (acquired, used by 90 million users) and Fileboard (based in San Francisco), a leader in the sales-enablement software space. Waseem also advises and coaches entrepreneurs/CTO’s and CEO’s on implementing and adopting highly scalable software solutions and growth systems. Waseem co-founded Tradebits in 2014.

Amresh Bajnath

Co-Founder & CFO

Amresh is a successful entrepreneur in the field of property investments and cryptocurrencies. He is a former banker and has managed a EUR 1bn debt portfolio comprising Real Estate, Acquisition Finance and Corporate loans. Amresh holds a Masters degree in Finance from the prestigious Nyenrode Business University. Amresh cofounded Tradebits in 2014.

Axel Macro


Axel is an experienced lawyer and entrepreneur. In addition to having worked for the most prestigious law firm in The Netherlands, representing the State of The Netherlands, Axel has authored several legal textbooks and has served as a lecturer at the Bar Association. Axel has founded several highly successful international companies and from 2006 to 2012 served as Chief Legal Officer of a publicly traded company. Axel studied Law in both Leiden and Edinburgh and over the past few years has developed a keen interest in cryptocurrencies.

Faisal Mirza

Co-Founder & CTO of Platform

Faisal has been involved in high-volume e-commerce marketing and technology roles for the past 10 years. In addition serving as a board member of several high profile foundations in the Netherlands, Faisal studied Computer Science at the The Hague University. As one of the co-founders of Tradebits in 2014, Faisal was instrumental in architecting key algorithms in the first version of the exchange.

Atiq Khan


Atiq is an entrepreneur and former Googler. At Google, Atiq was responsible for multi million dollar ad spend. Atiq co-founded multiple businesses including the startup accelerator Punchlime, where he was instrumental in helping venture backed startups grow. Atiq has also been the director of customer success at the San Francisco based startup Fileboard where he achieved extraordinary retention rates. Atiq holds an MScBA degree in Business Information Management from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Atiq joined Tradebits in 2018 in the role of COO.

Arjan Brouwer

Business Development & Partnerships

Arjan has over 15 years of finance and investment management experience, working in various relationship management and business development roles in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Over the past few years Arjan has served as an advisor and investor to a number of tech and blockchain startups. In January 2018 Arjan joined Tradebits as the Head of Business Development & Partnerships, managing the Tradebits office in London. Arjan holds a Master’s degree in International Management from the University of Nymegen.

Moin Sayed

VP of Product Design

Making internet a fun place. Founder of Phab1 and Inbox2. Specialties: Understanding the customer needs and deliver effective solutions. Creating overview in apps and websites. Also experienced in usability, simplicity and aesthetics.

Mike Rogers

VP of Crypto Education & Research

Mike is a successful cryptocurrency investor and trader who formerly worked as a public to private CPA at Ernst & Young and The Blackstone Group L.P., two of the most distinguished financial firms in NYC. His lifelong interest in financial markets led him to cryptocurrency investing, and he has successfully leveraged his insights to help himself and others secure impressive returns. Mike holds a B.S. in finance and a M.S. in accounting from The University at Albany where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Brian Hathie

VP Investor Relations

Brian is a successful entrepreneur in the field of communication & technology and has a broad experience in strategic management. Previously Brian founded and is serving MINVES as CEO, a Marketing & Communication agency with offices in Suriname and The Netherlands. He is a former management consultant and has worked for multinationals like Deloitte, PwC, IBM and Mitsubishi Motors. Brian has studied Executive MBA at NIMBAS, Bradford. Brian joined Tradebits in 2018 as VP of Investor Relations.

Tom Tiedemann

Strategic Advisor

Thomas Tiedemann is a Vice President in Blackstone’s Global Equity Team. Prior to joining Blackstone in 2015, Mr. Tiedemann held various leadership roles at Merrill Lynch in the U.S. Wealth Management and Private Banking and Investment Group, which included working for the Chief Operating Officer, Regional Client Relationship Manager and in various senior management roles in the NYC Metro Market. Mr. Tiedemann has a profound network and understanding of Global Capital Markets, Strategic Management and Broker Dealer Operations. Mr. Tiedemann graduated from The University of Scranton with a BS in Marketing and holds the FINRA Series 7, 9, 10 & 66 licenses.

Meet the Team

35+ team members, 5 time zones. Standing by to help you be successful.

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1What is the XBITS token?

The XBITS token is an ERC-20 compatible token which is sold to token sale participants. The XBITS token aims to deliver a strong token to the market by introducing a buyback program to mimic dividend payments. We allocate 40% of our profit to buy back XBITS tokens, this will support the price development of the XBITS token.

2Why do we sell the XBITS token?

To fund the development of the Tradebits Platform, XBITS blockchain, and liquidity pool, Tradebits will initiate an Initial Token Sale (also referred to as the presale) and an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

3What is the bonus during the Invite Only Pre-sale?

The bonus in the invite only pre-sale is up to 35% on the list price.

4What is the bonus during the Presale?

The bonus in the presale is up to 20% on the list price.

5What is the soft cap and hard cap of the token sale?

The XBITS token sale will not have a soft cap and hard cap.

6Can I buy XBITS tokens by depositing Ethereum (ETH) directly from any exchange?

No, this is not possible. Deposits from exchange wallets may not be directly attributable to you, which may result in an inability to purchase XBITS tokens, and your deposit may be permanently lost. You need to send your purchased ETH to a compatible wallet whose private keys you own and control, before sending it to the token sale.

7What is the price of the XBITS token?

The XBITS token will be issued at a price of 0.05 EUR

8Which cryptocurrencies can I use to participate in the XBITS token sale?

You can currently use ETH to participate in the XBITS token sale. In the near future we will also start accepting other digital currencies.

9How many XBITS tokens will be issued?

5 billion tokens will be issued, 2 billion of which will be sold during the XBITS token sale.

10What happens to the unsold tokens?

2 billion tokens are sold during the XBITS token sale. 3 billion tokens are reserved for future mergers and acquisitions to help fuel our growth and distribution plans.

11What is the Tradebits buyback program?

Tradebits will initiate a buyback program to mimic dividend payments. Our buyback program will support the price development of the XBITS token. We will initiate a buyback program which will result in a continuous upward pressure of the Tradebits token price. The tokens that are bought back through the buyback program will be burned, resulting in a reduction of Tradebits tokens in circulation. Whereas most coins have an inflationary component, the Tradebits token has a deflationary component. Tradebits will continuously allocate 40% of the generated trading fees to market orders to support the price development of the XBITS token.

12Can I trade XBITS tokens?

Yes, XBITS tokens can be traded from the moment when the Tradebits Exchange will go live. We will open up the Tradebits exchange to all pre registered users to start trading in Q3 2018. Tradebits will provide plenty of liquidity and infrastructure to make sure you have a pleasant trading environment.

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